Monday, March 16, 2009

Posted By: Kyle Barrows
What a nice day... What more can I say about last Sunday? The first day with a temperature of over 60 this spring. Knowing how nice it was suppose to be everyone was pretty excited to go riding. Myself, Brian Block, Luke McGary, Jasper Grahm, Brian Baty, Charles Adkins, and Allen Adams all teamed up for a long day of shredding. Some others meet up along the way.

Most of us got up early and met up at Raney Skate Park in Lansing around 10:00 a.m. It was a bit early, but we wanted to beat the crowd cause Raney is a "NO BIKES" Park. Even tho we usually don't get hassled. Brian even brought his kids along!

Brian rockin' the hip

Loutis was killing lines I had never seen people hit before... and blasting them going 45MPH

Apparently Block learned to manual this winter cause he was one wheelin it around the deep end of the pool and popping back into the shallow. Or maybe its the new modern bike.

McGary blasting offLuke doing another large gap Raney

270 bowl to wedge

Brian Street to Pool transfer
a big table over the street hip

Luke at Raney - Dumb People from RIPSHIT on Vimeo.

Some older local skaters that just like to be dicks for no reason came there and just started talking shit and dropping-in in front of people. Instead of causing to much trouble (after almost fighting one of them) we decide to move on to a new spot. And looking at the clock we had been there 2 and 1/2 hours anyway. Plus Brian was going to go drop his kids off.

Next we went to Holt Skate Park for about 45 mins while Brian takes his kids to my moms house to play with Tyler. Brian got there, we all did a couple more turn bars, then loaded up and went to Mason to hit a curved wallride, the Grainery table top jump and the Mason Skate Park. Joey and Ben tagged along from the Holt Park.

After the curved wall adventure we headed up town to the Grainery where there is a cool transitioned asphalt loading ramp thing. Its been here for a long time and is getting kinda rough throughout the years.

Luke at high speed

The Monger with trickery

Bate's just road around the grainery's building doing hang five's for 20 mins... and he never put the back tire or a foot down!

After riding that spot for 20 minutes or so we rode over to the Mason Skate Park to find out... It was still closed! And full to the cooping with water! What the hell Mason, way to budget. So we load up once again and decide to go check out the Miller Trails to see what kind of shape the winter left them in.

The trails didn't look to bad, we walked around and talked about new lines that were passable for a few minutes, then headed over to the quickcrete wedge that Malcolm made a few years back. While riding there for a while and finding neat thing to do around the industrial park luke blasted a nice wall ride. check out the video below. We were all getting pretty tired by this time. And sore as fuck as most of us are getting old. So we decide to head out to Eaton Rapids to end the day

This picture just looks cool with the sky and surrounding scenery. Click on it and look at it in full size.

Luke McGary Gap to Wall Ride... RIPSHITMEDIA from RIPSHIT on Vimeo.

We then decide to head to Eaton Rapids to finish off the day. We went and rode the E-Rap Ramps for about 15 minutes then went out to Baty's house to wined down. Check out Baty's snow plow below. Its priceless, A true Eaton Rapids GEM! We didn't shoot many picture for the day (mainly just of Luke and Brian) but everyone was super stoke to just be outside all day and on a little kids bike pedaling around. Cant wait for next weekend, I hope it is fantastic also.

A mixture of pictures from throughout the day
And I end this near perfect day, this blog entry.... with one thing,
Somethings ARE Necessary.
Dee eee eee ecent!


  1. is brian's seat getting lower? Keep him straight dude or i'll have to send the sheriff in.

  2. No-no, I think his bars just keep getting bigger.

  3. Kyle, ask Luke if he remembers seeing us at the waste disposal place in Holt many years ago trying to do that curved wall ride. We held the branches back, but I don't think he even got 1 attempt in before we were busted :).