Saturday, March 7, 2009

E-Rap Local's Season Opener

Posted By: Kyle Barrows
Jasper Grahm sent over some photos and words about the first day of riding this Friday at the local E-Rap park. Here's what he had to say:

The sun has finally come. This Friday was the first warm weather session at the local park. Spirits were high (as always), but the riding was a bit rusty. Everybody had a great time tho and was just happy to be out on two wheels. The park needs a lot of work in E-Rap. So any plywood or 2x4's donations would be de-e-e-ecent!!! The seasons just getting started so get out and ride!

Paulie rockin' the griz air threw the trees

Can Jam (Baty)

foot jam (Nardog)

X-Up (Sam)

Lampson doing a lawnmower & foot jammin' on that new Subrosa

Anyone who would like to help out the Eaton Rapids Skate Park with wood, ramps, or any other kind of donations you can contact Jasper @

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