Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fuck Malcolm!!

Posted by: Block
hit the Lasing skate park this past Thursday.
Local shredder and Malcolm Forbes hater, "Skater Paul" past away as a result from injuries suffered at Raney Park, He was only 36. Liked him or not he was a bad ass and I always enjoyed hanging out with him when I was there. If you rode a bike or got in his way at the park you know who he is. He was the guy to put you in your place. He let you ride there without a fuss if you were not a dumb kid talking shit. R.I.P.

Skateboard crash ends in death of Lansing man, 36

LANSING, Mich. - A 36-year-old skateboarding enthusiast has died from severe head injuries he suffered while attempting a jump at a Lansing skate park family members said he helped build.

The Lansing State Journal and WLNS-TV report Paul Maxim died over the weekend, several days after the crash at Ranney Skate Park. He collided with another skateboarder and eventually struck his head on the concrete.

Maxim was not wearing a helmet. Skaters who knew him said he never did.

Lansing fire spokesman Steve Mazurek says a helmet would have saved Maxim's life.


  1. That dude was always a dick to every biker that stepped foot into ranney! in fact most skaters that go there often said he was a ass too. so if you expect me to show any remorse for him dying you are sadly mistaken... but i dont like you slandering my name because some old school skater/loud mouth/junkie died and i didnt care.


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  3. This is true, he was a dick to mostly every one. He was not a dick to me at all. I rode there many times with Paul and had no troubles, just friendly conversations. i was trying to bring a little humor to the situation as every one knows you hated each other. (that was the basis of conversation sometimes) The fact that you claimed "the best day of my life" when you heard of his passing had no basis for the title, that just shows how incredibly shallow/loud mouth/new school/ asshole you are.
    Dick or not Paul was someones Son and Brother, you did not see his family at the hospital, i did, so Fuck Malcolm