Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is that all??

Well its that time of year.......
Its been said for about a month now, the time of year when the holidays come around and bring the foulest weather we can imagine. Hopefully everyone took full advantage of the nice weather we have been blessed with. With wintry mix in the forecast for the next week it looks as if the tarps are on for good and we will have to suffer through winters cold dead grasp. On, what I hope wasn't the last trail outing, I traveled solo out to my good friend Scott Towne's place to enjoy Birdland one last time. Luke the Lotus came out and we both managed to make our bikes nearly useless on our first runs, thankfully Scott has a plethora of extra cycles. Luke actually decided he was better off riding without a chain on his bike while I opted for Scotts street/park bike. The day was awesome and cant wait for spring already.

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  1. Yes sir, Indoor time. better than nothing. Doing anything after turkey day? email me.