Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lies are best served pathologically

Just got news that some worthless pieces of shit went back to the trails and one claimed to the people that had shovels in hand, " I'm ridding before I dig. You guys have a years worth of digging before you catch up to me" then ran his mouth for 2 more hours about how 4 years ago he went back to the trails and found them. Then told all about how he built and jumped things that didn't exist yet or were in complete ruins. Then they left after he and his douche bag friends (which apparently are the same morons that watched me build an entire landing, called them ramps, then left after I told they cant ride) drove up and down the main neighborhood roadway mud bogging. If I happen to run into you at the park, because you know you cant ride anything at the trails, I will inform you that you are not welcome and give you another knee brace.

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