Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Noon Raney Jam (Lunch Time)

Posted by: Kyle Barrows
On this fine Wednesday it was the first day above 45 degrees since winter, so naturally we decide to have a lunch time jam at Raney Skatepark. We had a huge turn out of, Brian and myself... and it was a bit windy but we had a fantastic time. Peep the footage! (we didn't have a quality camera with us)

Hadn't done one of these in ages. I felt I needed to take it back a few years on this day

Minus the feet (Brian)

This ended in total disaster as Brian's feet blew off his pedals and he landed on the ground face first. But I got the shot! haha

This was the end of a fun line. Raney is a great park.

Been a while sense I've done this guy too. Beringer inspired! (from the new S&M video)

Get that shoulder boy!

Brian in and out at Raney from RIPSHIT on Vimeo.

Many more nooner jams to come this summer. Hopefully more trail based! We just need the warm weather to come and stay. Hopefully our next noon jam we will have more of you ass holes show up! That's all for now.

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