Monday, March 2, 2009

RIPSHIT Crew Chenga 2/Ray's Trip

Posted by: Kyle Barrows
This past weekend the crew went down to Ray's MTB Park for the S&M dealer night. On the way we stop off at Chenga 2 for a few hours. It was a blasty blast! Along on the trip was myself (Kyle Barrows), Brian Block, Luke McGary (The White Lotus), Jasper Grahm, Charles Adkins, Joey Apostal, Brian Baty, and Kody (K O D Y) also tagged along. Jermey Ball met up with us at Rays.

Block banging out a turndown (chenga 2)

Joey working on his tuck to fakie (chenga 2)

Bates can jammin in your face! (chenga 2)

One of my 3 tricks (chenga 2)

Brian over top of some freestyle walkers heads.... No really these kids were just jumping off ramps on there feet. There was even kids doing back flips and double tail whips on scooters at Chenga. It was awesome.

Lotus... Down whip (chenga 2)

Luke was blasting everything he saw at chenga, as well as a member of the winning team from Ray's.... go ahead... read on.

Once we arrived at Ray's and unloaded everybody was super pumped to ride, especially myself, Brian, and Luke because we were entered in the S&M relay race. And I know what your asking yourself... How did we do? Well we fucking destroyed everyone. Pro Cycle/Ripshit 1:35.53 second place was some young fellas from South Park Cycles with a time of 1:39.50 Yes, we beat second place by 4 seconds.... RIPSHIT. What else can I say.

Brian in race mode. he also had the fastest lap time of the night. (I stole this photo from Scott Towne's blog!)

It was Joey's first time to Rays and he loved it (I'm pretty sure he lived in the Subaru park the whole time). Batey also shredded all of Rays but spent a lot of time in the Subaru park with his boy Chase Dehart (long time boys). Koty fell of his bike some how and received 5 stitches in his chin. Jayper didn't break out the camera at Ray's because everyone was having so much fun riding (even tho that old man was getting tired toward the end). Charles took some video while on the trip, we will see if we can get a web edit posted up. All and all it was an awesome road trip, cant wait for the next one!

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