Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Posted By: Kyle Barrows
This video was sent to me from Mike Souders. Its some old footage of Mike, Dave Moon, and Luke McGary. Check out Luke's Mullet. Haha


  1. I showed that crash section what's up!

    Those were the good ole days, 2 days a week riding MMRA with the crew!

  2. Mike, how are you doing, nice video. I kind of miss that place, even though sucked. I will be returning to the Holt curve in the future. I need to bring the clippers for some trimmings though. look for it here in the future.

  3. Great! I'm actually down in Raleigh, North Carolina right now for work, will be moving up to Herndon, VA this summer and will probably be camped out there for a few years.

    I miss MMRA too, and yes it did suck, but was fun as hell.

    I actually have been tooling around on Mountain Bikes for the last year or two, just recently broke out the Terrible One and will be going to a local park here later this evening.

    I don't ride with anyone down here which SUCKS but it's better than nothing.

    I am actually in Kyle's stomping grounds and if you ever come down let me know. I will be back up in MI for a week or two come late June early July, I'll shoot you an e-mail and maybe we can go to jackson trails or something.