Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Suck a bag of dicks indeed

Posted by: Block
Since Kyle sucks at life i dug deep into the memory banks to find the password of this out-dated blog and bring some minor updates. First the Ripshit line of stuff should be arriving shortly, according to Kyle anyway. Pro Cycle should have some new shirts and hats and a few designs are in the works awaiting counsel approval.

Second, riding has been as often as possible with the busy schedules we maintain. Mostly Trails, lots of trails. A few have gone to the FINISHED Biker church skate park in Holt, I have yet to go as it is nearly 100 degrees and see no point in going inside. With that said, did I mention that we have been riding trails a lot? Scott Towne has bee kind enough to let a few jam sessions go down at Birdland, Pat has buttered up PBR, Chuck has Kitty going and there is a few fun spots around K-zoo. Maybe we'll start digging again when a good spot is found, untill then were stuck killing other spots.

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